The summer is flying by and in no time it will be October and that means Oracle OpenWorld 2011 should be on your radar. Once again the Oracle Real-World Performance Group will be hosting three sessions. For those unfamiliar with our presentations, you will get marketing free, no nonsense performance insight of the highest caliber from Oracle’s most elite database performance engineers – the kind of things hard core Oracle people want to hear about. Hope to see you there!

Session ID: 13641 (Wednesday Oct. 5th, 10:00)
Session Title: Real-World Performance: The Forklift Upgrade
Session Abstract: Today the motivation to consolidate and migrate existing data and applications into the extreme-high-performance database environments of Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic is being driven by a desire to reduce costs and deliver increased performance and service levels to users. The process is often called a forklift migration, because applications and data are simply picked up and lifted onto new platforms.In this session, Oracle's Real World Performance group describes how best to maximize your investment and achieve world-class performance and discusses the challenges and compromises that need to be made in the process.
Session ID: 13643 (Tuesday Oct. 4th 13:15)
Session Title: Real-World Performance: How Oracle Does It
Session Abstract: Oracle's Real-World Performance Group has been achieving world-class performance for clients for more than 15 years. In this session, some of the senior engineers describe the techniques, philosophy, and tools they use to address performance challenges. The session is packed with demos and examples to convey the pragmatism required in real-world performance today.
Session ID: 13640 (Thursday Oct. 6th 10:30)
Session Title: Real-World Performance Questions and Answers
Session Abstract: This is your chance to pose specific questions to Oracle's Real-World Performance Group. All questions need to be in writing (yes, cards will be provided) and should relate to database performance challenges. In the past, the best questions have been related to specific topics of interest to the audience.