Andrew Holdsworth, the Senior Director of the Real-World Performance Group, will be having two presentation sessions at Oracle OpenWorld 2007, in addition to the Real-World Performance Group Roundtable session. The first presentation is Current Trends in Database Performance and the second one is When to Use the Appropriate Database Technology. Full session details are below. The content of these presentations has come from the Real-World Performance Group’s customer interactions over the past year. I would encourage all of you who want to get the best performance out of your Oracle Database to consider attending. Hope to see you there!

Session Details
Session ID: S291304
Session Title: When to Use the Appropriate Database Technology
Session Abstract: This session reinforces good database design practices. With so many database features available in Oracle Database 10g and 11g, architects and programmers are faced with these questions: How do I implement something, and which technologies should I use? This session defines when to use various occasionally overlapping and complementary technologies to achieve a reliable, high-performing design.
Session ID: S291301
Session Title: Current Trends in Database Performance
Session Abstract: This session attempts to visit the hot performance topics of the day, which include the following: (1) system design (architecture to SQL), (2) benchmarking today (TPC versus real-world benchmarking), and (3) capacity planning (so where do you spend your money?).