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Oracle OpenWorld 2009: The Real-World Performance Group

Even though Oracle OpenWorld 2009 is a few months away, I thought I would take a moment to mention that the Oracle Real-World Performance Group will again be hosting three sessions. Hopefully you are no stranger to our Oracle database performance sessions and this year we have what I think will be a very exciting and enlightening session: The Terabyte Hour with the Real-World Performance Group. If you are the slightest bit interested in seeing just how fast the Oracle Database Machine really is and how it can devour flat files in no time, rip through and bend data at amazing speeds, this is the session for you. All the operations will be done live for you to observe. No smoke. No mirrors. Pure Exadata performance revealed.

Session ID: S311237
Session Title: Real-World Database Performance Roundtable
Session Abstract: This session is a panel discussion including Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group and other invited performance experts. To make the hour productive, attendees need to write their questions on postcards and hand them to the panel at the beginning of the session. The questions should stick to the subject matter of real-world database performance. The panel members look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.
Session ID: S311239
Session Title: The Terabyte Hour with the Real-World Performance Group
Session Abstract: Last year at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle launched the Oracle Database Machine, a complete package of software, servers, and storage with the power to tackle large-scale business intelligence problems immediately and scale linearly as your data warehouse grows. In this session, Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group demonstrates how to use an Oracle Database Machine to load, transform, and query a 1-terabyte database in less than an hour. The demonstration shows techniques for exploiting full database parallelism in a simple but optimal manner.
Session ID: S311238
Session Title: Current Trends in Real-World Database Performance
Session Abstract: The year 2009 has been an exciting one for Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group. The group has been challenged by bigger databases, new performance challenges, and now the Oracle Database Machine with Oracle Exadata Storage Server. This session focuses on some of the real-world performance ideas and solutions that have worked over the last year, including performance design philosophies, best practices, and a few tricks and tips.

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Recap

Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is now in the books and it surely was a busy and exciting one. The launch of Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the HP Oracle Database Machine was the highlight for me and I hope for many of you as well.

Real-World Performance Group Presentations

This year the Real-World Performance Group did three sessions and the slides for those sessions have been uploaded to the OpenWorld Content Catalog as well as the presentations page on my blog. Hopefully you were able to attend the sessions and found them informative and had some good take-aways. If you did not attend, the slides are available for your reading enjoyment. If you have any questions, please post a comment.

The Real-World Performance Group: Oracle OpenWorld 2007 Recap

Oracle OpenWorld 2007 has come and gone and from the Real-World Performance Group’s perspective we’d consider it a successful one. The content of this year’s presentations seems to have gone over quite well as shown by the number of hallway comments and emails we received. At least two Oracle bloggers have put up their thoughts on the sessions:

Many thanks to both Doug and Andrew for the nice write-ups and the kind words, as well as those of you who attended the sessions. We hope to see you next year!


The presentations from the Real-World Performance Group are available for download from the presentations page as well as the links below. The username/password is cboracle/oraclec6.