Real-World Performance Videos on YouTube – OLTP

In addition, here are some OLTP demos that demonstrate how much performance and throughput can be wasted by poor design and suboptimal database programming.

OLTP Performance – The Trouble with Parsing

OLTP Performance – Concurrent Mid-Tier Connections


  1. Kyle Hailey

    Nice examples. Cool to see the examples and impacts side by side. I of course enjoy seeing the OEM graphics helping to convey the impact as well.
    – Kyle

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  3. Paresh

    Nice to see the concept explained in action through video, kind of drives the point home in 10 minutes. It is sad that even after 10+ years of advocacy by experts like you there are still developers out there who don’t get it. Avoiding parsing should be taught as part of database programming 101.

  4. Paresh

    A question about information from second video. We know that best target for hard parse is zero. Without trial and error how can we find out optimal number of connections in the connection pool? Or the only way is to run the actual workload and try various values while monitoring with a tool like OEM (or running queries against ASH)?


  5. Greg Rahn

    Most of this is lab work – it’s different for every application. There should be some stats on the JDBC connection pool that you can reference as a starting point.

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