NoCOUG Interview

Since I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for the past few months (and hopefully that will change shortly) I thought I’d mention that the inverview I did with the famous Gwen (Chen) Shapira has now been published in the May 2011 NoCOUG Journal. Hopefully you find it interesting and insightful. Feel free to leave me a comment on your thoughts.


  1. Kevin Closson

    You’re a rock star now, Greg :-)

    I thought that many-page review of the Osbourne press Exadata book was a little cheezy…but then maybe I’m tired of that material since I was one of the technical editors… I am looking forward to Kerry Osborne’s book though… it looks good..

  2. joel garry

    Very nice, that journal is one of the best things around. More war stories!

  3. Kevin Closson

    Actually, I didn’t mean to say that the book review was cheezy. It was a good review. It just seemed cheezy to have such a large review. Oh, what do I know?

  4. Uwe Hesse

    Congratulations, Greg, nice place to get published! I liked the interview, especially the story about your “tuning by cardinality feedback”. Would appreciate to see some more stories of this kind :-)

  5. Greg Rahn

    Thanks Uwe. I guess I probably discount most of those “war stories” as just the daily grind working in database dev. Probably should be more conscious of that. Probably have become jaded from working in database dev for 7 years :)

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