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  2. Greg Rahn


    I’d guess in the next few months or so. Linux is always the first port followed by Solaris and then HP-UX and AIX.

  3. hrishy

    Hi Greg

    Thanks for the update i am looking for the for AIX as i am suffering from a bug with the copy_table_stats proc where it doesnt correctly update the min and max columns for the partitions

  4. Greg Rahn


    That bug (#7381308) has a backport for and is only a plsql package change. You can easily apply it as a one off. I also believe there are a few other bugs (7381308, 7613560, 8719831, 8979424) that get fixed in dbms_stats — check the bug fix list from the notes if that is all you are looking for and don’t want to wait until the port is released.

  5. myhandle

    Just noticed that this patchset is now available for Solaris SPARC and x86 64 bit releases, currently showing downloads 0 so I’m hoping to be the first to get this !

  6. Don

    Hi, Svetoslav…where do I download the for AIX…I can’t seem to find it at support.oracle.com…I’ve been out of Oracle DBA’ing for 4-5 years and all of the patch download seems different.

  7. Greg Rahn

    Click the link to the patch -> 8202632 and login to MOS.
    Select the correct “Platform or Language”, in this case IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit).
    Download the files.

  8. rcm

    Can somebody please send a doc on what are the enhancements coming with any issues with this set?

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