Oracle And Sun To Announce World’s First OLTP Database Machine With Sun FlashFire Technology

The internet buzz seems to be that Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle Corporation and John Fowler, EVP, Sun Microsystems, Inc. will be announcing a new product, the world’s first OLTP database machine with Sun’s brand new FlashFire technology on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 1 p.m. PT.


Both Sun and Oracle have Webcast invitations on their websites:

  • Oracle Invitation
  • Sun Invitation

    I plan on being at the Oracle Conference Center for the launch and will try and Tweet the highlights. First Oracle Database 11g Release 2, now an OLTP database machine. Are there more innovations up Oracle’s sleeve? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


    1. Chris Adkin

      I’ve being trying to grasp what exactly makes this an OLTP appliance, I suspect that the storage element of this ‘Appliance’ is in fact the 4 Tb Sun F5100 referred to on the storagemojo blog, thus limiting the usefulness of this for storing entire data warehouses. Regarding the comment about what else Oracle has up its sleeve, I take this to be a rhetorical question and that there will be other announcements, a blatant tease if you will. Going back to the OLTP appliance, I wonder if there will be a day when there is a hybrid flash / conventional disk exadata storage cell. I can see a use case in which storing some of a data warehouses mviews on flash might be compelling.

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