Oracle OpenWorld 2009: The Real-World Performance Group

Even though Oracle OpenWorld 2009 is a few months away, I thought I would take a moment to mention that the Oracle Real-World Performance Group will again be hosting three sessions. Hopefully you are no stranger to our Oracle database performance sessions and this year we have what I think will be a very exciting and enlightening session: The Terabyte Hour with the Real-World Performance Group. If you are the slightest bit interested in seeing just how fast the Oracle Database Machine really is and how it can devour flat files in no time, rip through and bend data at amazing speeds, this is the session for you. All the operations will be done live for you to observe. No smoke. No mirrors. Pure Exadata performance revealed.

Session ID: S311237
Session Title: Real-World Database Performance Roundtable
Session Abstract: This session is a panel discussion including Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group and other invited performance experts. To make the hour productive, attendees need to write their questions on postcards and hand them to the panel at the beginning of the session. The questions should stick to the subject matter of real-world database performance. The panel members look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.
Session ID: S311239
Session Title: The Terabyte Hour with the Real-World Performance Group
Session Abstract: Last year at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle launched the Oracle Database Machine, a complete package of software, servers, and storage with the power to tackle large-scale business intelligence problems immediately and scale linearly as your data warehouse grows. In this session, Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group demonstrates how to use an Oracle Database Machine to load, transform, and query a 1-terabyte database in less than an hour. The demonstration shows techniques for exploiting full database parallelism in a simple but optimal manner.
Session ID: S311238
Session Title: Current Trends in Real-World Database Performance
Session Abstract: The year 2009 has been an exciting one for Oracle’s Real-World Performance Group. The group has been challenged by bigger databases, new performance challenges, and now the Oracle Database Machine with Oracle Exadata Storage Server. This session focuses on some of the real-world performance ideas and solutions that have worked over the last year, including performance design philosophies, best practices, and a few tricks and tips.


  1. Todor Botev

    For those of us who cannot make it to the event, is there any chance to see or read the content of the discussions?

    It would be very kind if you could post some of the interesting topics with your comment on them.

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  3. hrishy


    OOW2008 contents are made available this year in 2009 after almost a year for non atendees for free.
    But i hope for OOW2009 oracle opens up the content catalog as soon as the presentations are uploaded and not after a year,when oracle is about to launch 12g.

    I already see some interesting content there but due to budget constraint i cannot make it.

  4. hinrustjum

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