Blogroll Additions: Alberto Dell’Era & Christian Antognini

Fellow OakTable Network member, Alberto Dell’Era, has starting blogging and I wanted mention it to my readers as well as add it to my blogroll. I’ve followed Alberto’s works for some time and always was impressed by his thoroughness in investigation as well as explanation. Most recently I read his solution to the First International NoCOUG SQL Challenge and it immediately made me jealous as I’ve always liked math challenges, but my time has been dominated by HP Oracle Database Machine activities since its launch. Great solution Alberto! Often I wonder if programmers today even know what big O is?

I’m also adding Christian Antognini, author of Troubleshooting Oracle Performance and fellow OakTable Network member, to my blogroll as well. If you have not read Christian’s book, I would recommend you do. I would classify it as a “need to read” book for Oracle professionals. It is a great resource for Oracle troubleshooting: no silver bullets included or required.

One comment

  1. DSLR-A900

    Il suo piacere di capire il vostro blog. Gli articoli di cui sopra è abbastanza straordinario, e mi è piaciuto molto leggere il tuo blog ed i punti che avete espresso. Mi piace molto ad apparire indietro su una base tipica, dopo molto di più all’interno del topic. Grazie per la condivisione di … continuare a scrivere!

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