Merger Monday: Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems

As I peek at the financial news this morning I see the headlines “Oracle Buys Sun“. More information can be found at

Curt Monash has some first thoughts but I’ll limit my comments at this time to “very interesting”. What do you think? Good? Bad? Otherwise?


  1. Curtis Ruck

    I think that Sun-Oracle will get bogged down with supporting/developing too many software products with this merger unless they drop some of them. Yes, Oracle currently handles quite a few software products in its own right, but most are somewhat maintainable by similar shared code bases, or their basis in open source solutions. What will happen to these competing products? Does Oracle pull a GM/Chevrolet deal where they start selling the same product under different names?

    Not to mention Java. Will Oracle continue supporting the OpenJDK effort, will they allow *nux operating systems to actually distribute Java without using gcj.

  2. Bradd Piontek

    Greg, real good question. The jury is still out, obviously. Too soon to tell. There seem to be a lot of questions and overlapping product.
    mysql vs. oracle
    VirtualBox,Solaris Containers vs. Oracle VM
    Sun Clustering vs. Oracle CRS
    I’m sure I’m missing others. Doesn’t Sun have a LDAP-directory?

  3. Vinod

    It will be interesting to see how this will affect Exadata product direction and H-P’s reaction…

  4. Jade

    Disaster for the small investors who bought the shares at higher prices. The price offered per share is pittance. Good for the executive management team – they are getting millions in severance. Selling a company off at market bottom is stupidity unless Sun has no confidence to weather this downturn without a stronger partner.

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