02 January 2008

I’ve been working on a few test cases and I’m in search of some real-world data. If your **production ** Oracle database uses system statistics, either Workload Statistics or Noworkload Statistics, and you are willing to share them, please post a comment with the output from the following two queries:

select version from v$instance;
select pname, pval1 from sys.aux_stats$ where sname = 'SYSSTATS_MAIN';

For example, my noworkload system statistics look like this:

SQL> select version from v$instance;


SQL> select pname, pval1 from sys.aux_stats$ where sname = 'SYSSTATS_MAIN';

PNAME                               PVAL1
------------------------------ ----------
CPUSPEEDNW                        726.951
IOSEEKTIM                           4.683
IOTFRSPEED                       36625.24

To help with fixed width formatting (pretty printing), please surround your results in the comment text box with a pre tag like such:
blah blah blah

Thanks for participating!

Quick link to 10.2 System Statistics Documentation for those unfamiliar with it.

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