Oracle Myth Busting: Show, Don’t Tell

Richard Foote has recently started blogging (as of December 11th) and one of his recent posts discusses Oracle Myths and Information Pollution. I find this topic very interesting as I’m always amazed at the number of people who make changes to their production database based on the results from their favorite Internet search engine, and don’t even bother to test it themselves first! Like Richard, I’d encourage anyone who gets information from the Internet to do your diligence and understand the why, and not just the results someone else observed. I guess one could associate it to third grade arithmetic, where having the answer (or making a claim) is not sufficient, one must show their work to get full credit. This way even if the answer (or claim) is incorrect, one can understand the line of thought and where the “miscalculation” took place.

I’m also adding Richard Foote to my blogroll.

Bloggers’ Note: In this post I was going to use a reference to masses of lemmings running off a cliff, but then I found out that is a myth also. Amazing what a little research turns up…

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