Here is some code to display the HIGH_VALUE/LOW_VALUE columns from USER_TAB_COL_STATISTICS which are stored as RAW datatypes.

COLUMN_NAME          LOW_VAL          HIGH_VAL         DATA_TYPE
-------------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------
ORGANIZATION_ID      00D000000000062  00D300000000tgk  CHAR
UG_ID                00500000000008U  00GD0000000mBda  CHAR
USERS_ID             005000000000063  00G30000000mBcq  CHAR
IS_TRANSITIVE        0                1                CHAR
SUPPRESS_RULES       0                1                CHAR


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  4. zhwsh

    >elsif (type = ‘ROWID’) then
    > dbms_stats.convert_raw_value(rawval, cr);
    > return to_char(cnv);
    modify :

    elsif (type = ‘ROWID’) then
    dbms_stats.convert_raw_value(rawval, cr);
    return to_char(cr);

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  6. jeff humphreys

    Note that this won’t work if you are unable to create this as proc on the source, so not useful for ETLs – unless an anonymous block would work.

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